The Synopsis

“Not all those who wander are lost….” but some are lost. That is me, lost.

All my life I have been preparing for my future. Straight from undergrad, to a Master’s to a full time job. For the last 5 years I worked 50-70 hours a week, saved all my money, barely harbored social ties to friends and family trying to build a foundation for a picture perfect life. The plan was to move back to where my roots were, marry my fiance, buy a house, get a job I enjoy and live a happy and comfortable life. Just when the master plan was about to come to fruition a piece of that plan faltered and it all came crashing down. Leaving me broken, alone and lost. I had forgone a decade of experiences for something that never came…

So now I am at a crossroad. I don’t know what I want to do with my life, where I want to live it, who I want to live it with or how I want to live it…BUT there exists a whole world full of places to be seen, experiences to be had and people to meet. Sounds like an adventure waiting to be had. I convinced my employer to let me work remotely, packed up my car and headed out. Currently, I am hopping around the U.S. living for months at time in a different city. Since I have been given a golden oppurtunity most people only dream about I decided to document this journey to provide those curios souls insights into the places I go.

The point of this blog is not to tell the world about my harebrained spiritual quest and how it has led me to grow emotionally and physically as I work through finding who I am blah blah blah blah. This blog is meant simply to be a rough guide for people wanting to live somewhere new, or travel somewhere new or work remotely, or live as a nomad or get a cheap laugh at the myriad of grammatical errors and poor story telling abilities of a supposed adult. Some will be entertaining. Some (most) will be boring. Some will be useful. Some (prob all) will be useless. But here goes nothing. Here is the harebrained journey of a shy, introverted, adventure seeking nomad.

I want to apologize up front to all the people that live in the places I travel to. I am sure I will not do justice to the place you live. For that I am sorry, please don’t hate me.